Music Production Services

At Catalyst we can take your music production project from start to finish.  Whether in-studio or out on the road, we have the tools, the experience and the musicality to make your next music production competitive and timeless.

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  • Tracking

    The whole band can record all at once with 24 simultaneous inputs … or parts can be laid down one at a time, or anything in-between. There’s provisions for sonic separation between five sources (ie. drums, bass, two guitars and keys). Our drum room has custom cork “ab-fusors”, bass trapping, absorption and diffusion. Iso boxes allow “cranking amps to 11”, all without bleed into the other tracks.

  • Editing

    Catalyst offers award winning expertise (a regional Emmy award with Stuart Grasberg in 1997).  It starts with a Mac Pro eight-core tower, multiple solid-state drives and MOTU’s Digital Performer 8. iZotope’s RX Advanced 5 allows removal of extraneous sounds.  For artists concerned with sounding too “samey” and “overproduced” Catalyst can perform detailed work like manual quantizing.

  • Mixing

    High-voltage, state-of-the-art analog summing is offered with Apogee Digital & Antelope Audio conversion, summing via our SPL Mixdream XP … all with “total recall”, so mix changes can be made after the fact, no problem.

    Outboard gear includes compressors from Daking FET-IIIChandler GermaniumEmpirical Labs Fatso JrdBx, Fredenstein and an ART Pro-VLA (with an elop optical VCA)… and EQ from Maag.

    Plug-in’s include Universal AudioWaves, SoundToys, iZotope, Joey Sturgis Tones and more.

  • Mastering

    Once chief mastering engineer at a Fortune 500 company (early 90’s Sound Choice Studios) Rob parlays deep experience into affordable mastering.  Competitive levels, style conscious modern EQ’ing and even surgical processing of audio trouble spots (via meticulous automation) are easily achievable, for minimal costs compared to proper mastering studios.  However, our Catalyst quality is shockingly close for significantly lower rates. For songs up to 5 minutes in length, all digital processing and multiple formats (WAV, MP3 & M4A) One to two songs – $50 each, three to five songs – $35 each, all “in-house” mixes, or six or more songs – $25 each

  • Web-based mixing

    You can include your specific mix instructions,  order special services “a la carte”  (drum replacement, instrument re-amping, vocal tuning, rhythm correction, sound design) and we can submit the mix to you for approval using MP3’s. Re-do’s and touch-ups are easy with our totally recallable analog mixing system. Upon completion both WAVMP3 and DDP master files are provided.

    1 or 2 tracks – $25

    3 or 4 tracks – $35

    Up to 8 tracks – $50

    Up to 16 tracks – $75

    Up to 24 tracks – $100

    Up to 48 tracks – $200

    Over 48 tracks – call or write for pricing

    Mastering of any song mixed at Catalyst Recording for only $25 more!


  • Location Recording

    Catalyst won a regional Emmy award (Crossroads, WTVI 2007) and our location service has recorded everything from concerts, club shows, Gospel services, orchestras, marching bands and piano auditions.

    Rates vary with track count, location and monitoring requirements but 24-track recordings made locally can come in as low as $750.  Please contact us for our “mobile rate card”.